Friday, November 8, 2013

What Savy taught on Tonight ... If you missed out! (UNVEILED, 10-08-13)

Lesson taught by Savy, Notes taken by dErK
2 Kings 19

Reminder from last week.. We have a king doing what he is SUPPOSE to!

when confronted with an enemy .. He goes to the Lord's house

God will NOT deceive
Interesting.. how he takes the physical problem.. laying it before God and .. just goes to Him with it
 It is so important to DO THIS FIRST! .. not to do all we can to 'fix' it.. and have it mess up over and over.. just give it to God.. let HIM guide you in it
Is 50:7


He goes to the Lord.. and asks of the priest to pray to.. and the King gets a response from the priest

God is a shield.. what is God's word.. will happen.. amen

God makes it clear.. that what was done.. was allowed by Him


God's got your back!

35-to the end

Every word of the Lord proves true.. what God said would happen.. and it did


Do you ever go to God first with your problems... or do you try to fix them all yourself.. or just feel so feel nothing can be fixed

Is it easier to pray when things are going wrong... or things going right? 


How do you respond to negativity?


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