Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Dragon on a Desk (Blurb)

I once created a drawing with someone I never met (not the one listed - though I did make it), and to my knowledge still have never met.

The drawing was of a dragon, and it was on my desk at school.  I cannot remember what grade I was in, or what class, but I do remember the dragon. 

To start it was a head and a neck, but neither was finished.  I assumed it was old so I decided to add to the missing parts.  Making it look more complete... I added details to the eyes.. to the snout and felt pretty good about the results by the end of class.

The next day I found more of the dragon had been worked on - some of my work slightly modified... some more details and parts added.  I continued the work and me and the mystery artist worked on it each day until we had a product we both were proud of... I remember coming in one day and finding the desk not only had the dragon, but a message.  

and I cannot remember it exactly but it was something like this, "Dude, it was cool working with you, nice job!" 

I replied, "Thanks, you too - this was really cool"

now this may not mean much to others out there... but when I was younger we did not have cell phones, instant messaging, and hardly even had the Internet, but somehow I met someone I never knew... and still do not know today to collaborate and create something quite awesome making each of us feel good about it.

It does seem the easier it is to communicate the more we take it for granted.  What happened to me was very cool, and it could happen - over and over and over again between us all if we just stepped out and spoke into the lives of others. 

It seems because it is so easy to communicate we feel we are rude if we actually do.  I say 'we' because I REALLY do feel this way.  Almost EVERY time I communicate with someone I feel like I am intruding and  am just a nuisance, that whoever I am in contact with just wants me to go away and stop bothering them.  

Does anyone else feel that way?

I bet if we got over that we could make some really cool dragons together... or drawings... or just some encouragement.. reach out.. comment on a post... message a friend you have not spoken to in a while... collaborate on a project with someone just for fun.  Find a way to break the monotony and just smile about something!

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