Tuesday, November 5, 2013

As Far As The Jordan Household goes...

 We have had a few changes recently

We have added a new home (YIPPIE)

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while should have a pretty good idea of what we have been through (though it was not such a bad thing at all) and this trek of our lives is over - on to the new one.  Unpacking... and finding a 'home' for each and everything we own.  Kyley has her own room again (she has been bunk mates ever since Elijah was able to go to sleep on his own.  

The boys are sharing a room, and that is a new experience as Asher is learning for the first time how to 'go to bed' without mommy and daddy.

We have had a great October month in Lakewood Kids

Great ministry is happening - we are ready for growth and maturity in all our kids.

Our Trunk or Treat went well - we had some great trunks:

Doe Doe was lucky enough to be able to Perform a great magic show - as well as a birthday!

But most of all.. most awesomest of awesome news.. we have a new addition to our wonderful family!

Kinsley Faith Jordan was born on October 25th at 3:05pm

My little bunny was 8lbs12oz and 19 inches long

This is her yesterday before I typed all this up


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