Friday, February 21, 2014

Notes from UNVEILED tonight 02/21/14

1 Chronicles 11 & 12
Lesson taught by Abi, Notes taken by dErK
David crowned as king
A covenant is made to have a cave sold  (this comes back later)


David asks simply for water and when life and limb go into getting it he claims he is not deserving. (we have talked on this often in the past)

We learn about many of David's mighty men.. those under him who did some very amazing things

These guys did some pretty amazing things


Wonderful list of names (notice Uriah the Hittite is in this list)

Chapter 12

David had many following him 
So many lists and points 
We had a good time, but going through Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles having these stories over and over again may be hindering our ability to get to deep and get new notes.  Enjoy!

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