Monday, February 10, 2014

Justice League War : A Quick Review

I give this a 9 out of 10

While the movie had it's moments of.. wait ..whats? I really enjoyed it and found it to be a good melding of the comics it was from, even amid the changes. 

Some of the things I found a problem?

First big thing was the language.  Much more bad language than in the comic, and with the humor they did have in it - I would not have expected the 'serious' cursing.  Good thing is it was not so bad as to have me turn it off after five minutes (I'm looking at you 21 Jump st.) 

I found Superman's voice to not be as I would have expected.  Alan Tudyk is an amazing actor, I have enjoyed him in every role I have seen him in, but his voice is not really that of Superman's.  The battle between Green Lantern/Batman and Superman was similar I found some dialog I enjoyed in the comic to not be there, but they changed how the Flash arrived so I see why that may have been different. 

Shazam walks into the group and introduces himself as 'Shazam' and from what I understand about this character he should have zapped back into Billy again... right (please let me know if I am wrong)

The removal of Aquaman is an interesting one.  I enjoyed having Shazam and would have liked him added to the comic after seeing this, but as well I would have really liked to have seen Aquaman as portrayed in the comic in this as well.

I have grown to understand the changes between book form and video form so I look at them in their own lights.  The adaptation was very enjoyable to watch, because it did not kill the story for me - it only enhanced it.

What did I like?

The comedy was great... right to the comic. 

The desire Darkseid had for Superman was much more apparent and understandable in the movie.

The growth of Cyborg through Billy (Shazam) was really interesting and I think the comic missed out on a great opportunity through that. (unless it happens otherwise - I have only read Justice League Vol. 1)

The creating of the boom tubes by the mother box was much clearer and very cool, but I understand the difficulty of showing this in panel comic form as well. 

Wonder Woman was very cool - I have never enjoyed her character more than in this movie.  Wow.. 

Wonder Woman and Superman have an obvious attraction and the evidence of it was very clear and as well humorous.

The world of Apokolips was great - it really had the right feel and atmosphere one would expect from it after reading the comics. 

The battle with Darkseid was fantastic.  I think I could watch that over and over as it really was the best fight these heroes could call their first - I said this about the comic and I certainly say it about the movie.  It was a perfect fight to meld these individual heroes into a team.  

While I doubt this is everything this is a good amount of what I think - it is a fair amount to show my feelings on the movie itself.  While looking past some things I was still able to enjoy the movie greatly. 

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