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Sean C. Johnson "Circa 1993"

Circa 1993 cover

Overall Thoughts

 This album captures an attitude that wants to lift the Lord. There are many themes here, and love is certainly at the heart of the idea. I liked many of the beats and just the simple, as well as complex messages being brought forward. 

Most of the tracks are really great, though there were some I just didn't understand or did not find the music backing tracks to my liking. I think most anyone could enjoy this album though. 

Recording Thoughts - 8/10

Individual Song Thoughts

"Mountains" (5/5) - Vocals are clear and melodic. Really calming.. almost.. R&B feel. A pretty slick beat. Nice scratchy static background in just the right spots. Vocals just fit right into the instrumental tracks. Oh.. and a really cool jazz like part starts at about 3 minutes in.. wow! 

Accepting of the fact that we cannot make it on our own. A lifting of God and the sacrifice of Christ. Very cool.. great message. 

"Nothing But A 'G' Thang" (3/5) - Another great beat.. this one really reminded me of my days listening to Boyz 2 Men... yeah... I did.. :). I am gonna guess that the 'G' thing is a God thing?.. maybe.. I don't know. 

"Melodies (From Heaven)" (4/5) - A cool .. kind of funky sound. A slight dissonance that actually comes together in an interesting, but good way. Ready and open for what God has for them. Kind of a basking in the wonderfulness of God. 

"Redemption Song" (4/5) - wow... with the horn.. and the music feelings of the 90's all the way back to the 50's.. ha.. that backing track just makes me think of those older television shows. Some clever rap just laying out the truth of God active and alive in one's life. Pretty slick. 

"Knew Him" (4/5) - this really flows from the previous song.... calming.. .and just a clear lifting of Jesus and the sacrifice He gave us on Calvary.

"Mirrors" (3/5) - slick beat. Very simple.. almost kind of an interlude. It is clearly calling for a time to .. well reflect on oneself. Which is a much needed activity to evaluate if we are still as we believe we should be. 

"No Flex Zone (Re-Imagined)" (3/5) - a nice beat.. a cool kind of snap effect in it. This also seems to be a retake on another song of the same name. I have never heard the other one ... and have no clue what a "flex zone" is.. so I am a bit lost on it. Sounds good... message is a bit hard to understand because of my ignorance. 

"Made of Love (Charity)" (3/5) - A declaration of love. a fun and funky beat. 

"Final Frontier" (1/5) - hmm... interesting.. I found the music to be a bit too dissonant. Not really something I could get into and enjoy. Just... too off kilter.  

"Magic and Kareem" (3/5) - An interesting song of rivalry. Of a desire to put what first?.. the world.. or the mission given by God? ... as well an interesting premise for this as well. 

Album & Information Links

Sean C. Johnson "Circa 1993"Independent
March 10, 2015

When I was kid I loved reading comic books. The issues I enjoyed the most were the ones that told a heroes origin story. This album is my "origin story". While I'm no hero, I do have a story to tell and my story was shaped by four events that all 1993.:

* Death of my mother.
* Falling in love with music.
* Viewing pornographic material for the first time. 
* Giving my life to Christ.

Each song on the album will be told through the lens of these four events and give listeners a peak into what shaped me.

SIDE A is set in 1993 and touches on dealing with the death of my mother ("Mountains"), falling in love with music and exploring my musical tastes ("Nothing But A 'G' Thang" & "Melodies"), and hearing the gospel for the first time ("Redemption Song" & "Never Knew Him")

SIDE B, If Side A is the "Cause", Side B is the "Effect" and is set in the present.  It explores me being aware of the many sins in my life (including Pornography) and shows me maturing, growing, and walking out my faith ("Mirror" & "No Flex Zone").  It also shows how pornography has warped my view of love now that I'm in a relationship ("Made of Love"). And lastly the album concludes with me accepting my call to make God honoring music ("Final Frontier")

BONUS TRACK - This song shows where I'm at currently as an independent artist and vents some of my frustrations.

Circa 1993 track listing
SIDE A - Past
1. Mountains
2. Nothing But A 'G' Thang
3. Melodies (From Heaven)
4. Redemption Song ft. Armond Wakeup & Adam L.
5. Never Knew Him

SIDE B - Present
6. Mirror
7. No Flex Zone (Re-Imagined)
8. Made of Love (Charity)
9. Final Frontier
BONUS TRACK - Magic & Kareem

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Press Contact
Josh Niemyjski

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