Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crucifying Words

Three steps forward,
almost there,
one more...
just one foot forward,
I am to fall,
fall long, fall hard,
I pull You up,
beat Your face,
You weep, You cry,
I pull your hair,
I smote your chin,
force Thee bleed,
I heartily cry,
no more no how,
my words - they pierce,
my words - they sting,
I nail You down,
and raise You high.
Oh so high,
only to die,
to die.
I fall on my hands,
tears fall - I cry,
Long, hot, tears streaming,
streaming down my face,
they burn - they hurt.
No! Not the tears,
the aches, the aches,
my heart, my heart,
rumbles with pain,
pain, pain, pain,
I stop not - I cry,
cry, cry, cry,
now not physical,
but all inside,
it comes not out,
hides inside,
I cry, cry, cry,
pain, pain, pain.
freedom fall,
I chant, I beg,
Christ, I fall on you,
I knew not,
not what I do,
forgive me, forgive me;
set me as you wish me,
Lord, make me free,
the bindings hold,
tight, oh, so tight,
cut off the flow,
vessels bulge,
"Lord!" I cry,
save, save, save;
forgive me!
My tears roll up,
the pain subsides,
I see, I see;
I look to the sky,
The Son, The Holy Man,
the only one of God,
come to me,
look me up and down,
and inside out.
He looked and said,
"Son, you are free!
My Crucified Flesh,
My Sacrificed Blood,
Covers, Covers, Covers,
All Over You!"
purified again...

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