Friday, November 13, 2009

Feeling like Idol Fools in the Rush for Love ... man, hugs are nice! (CRY)

Odd title I know, but ... who cares

Malerie Huguley

Apparently ^that^ is what happens when you copy and paste from facebook... anyway. Malerie Huguley gave her testimony tonight at Celebrate Recovery Youth and it was good. Obviously she spoke about her life, struggles and just how she came to find the love of Christ in her life, BUT what certainly stood out was her strong conviction of Idols in our lives.

Certainly one can doubt the existence of idols in this day and age, yet we forget what an idol truly is. Anything that takes away from God, that we place in a greater capacity in our lives then our Savior. Interestingly I saw a new vigor in the speaking of those in our small group. What I mean by this, or at least what I think I mean, is that the guys 'seemed' to be more willing to talk about the things in their live that they considered to be idols, then what in the past we would have asked them to talk about the 'problems' in their lives. This certainly stands out to me. That we, as spiritually failed and clumsy humans, can clam up and hide our problems and issues, yet when it is called an idol; jump out and speak freely.

My thought is this, that we do not like to admit of 'problems' in our lives, but can easily say that we idolize something (which if looked at through the other end of the telescope would call a problem). How awesome it is that a designation of conversation can have such an effect! Thank you Malerie for 'opening' some of these young men in speaking what God's spirit has laid upon you!


As well 'LOVE' is on my arm this day - lets not fall to depression, but fall into the Love of Christ that God has so wonderfully given us as a Full body to share with ALL!

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  1. I wonder if you'll truly ever know how many references to this night in some form or another you put in that title haha