Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finding a new way to CRY while grabbing our parachutes of Salvation

Tonight at Celebrate Recovery we had guest speaker,Jeshua David Screws
an old friend from the beginning of my walk in Christ.  He talked about how in his life, being saved at the age of four, has a testimony of choice (not exactly said by him) BUT as he went through life he saw the choices made by his brothers and others around him - and having the full and complete guidance of Christ - his life choices have brought him a life without many of the many issues that those of the world may suffer.  

He spoke about Christ and how He (Christ) suffered all temptations the same as us but did not succumb to them!  And because of this power that Christ had against temptation ( and, of course, the sacrifice and resurrection) we, as the adopted sons and daughters of God inherit it from Him.  Hence now - a choice to do what is right in the eyes of God no matter the circumstance.

My wife recently wrote a short blog on something my daughter randomly was singing (blog I am speaking of) and I believe that this is a great thing to slide in.   

"Better is one day in your home, better is one day in your closet."

The part that gets me here is 'better is one day in your closet' - I think about our power of choice in life - that by the TRUE POWER of Christ we have that awesome ability to 'walk away' from sin.  What are you doing in the closet of God.  When you are in a place or circumstance that is you and God.  What do you do - do you follow His ways or do you fall into a regretful experience that only beats you down?   

This must end with encouragement - that all of us do not NEED to fall down over and over again to learn and do the right thing!  Christ had the power to do what was right the first time - we have this through His blood and covering, lets (even in failure) continue to move on IN CHRIST with the encouragement that we can move on and not make the mistake again.  Lets not be defined by our mistakes - let us be defined as sons and daughters of a live and loving God!


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