Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas In a New Light... Pt. 1

Please - take a journey with me for a few days through some music - and possibly to see a whole other meaning of Christmas!

The first is an intro to the second - you really must listen to it to understand the idea of the song.

01-Samuel Gatlin-scene 102-Samuel Gatlin-Why Would You?

Samuel Gatlin's EP is all about Hosea and how God asked of him to marry a whore to truly show all how much that He (God) loved Israel. I like what he (Samuel) did with this and today's post is to get us started, by understanding our relationship with God at the start. The Israelite nation was prostituting itself out to all other gods and beliefs - and God had no other choice but to move on - and to 'adopt' a 'new' nation. How was He (God) to do this - how could we (who really, if we think about it, are prostitutes ourselves) be this replacement that God is needing - and did God give up on the Israelite nation? Hopefully after a few days posts these questions will be answered in some way.

Why would you ... ,God, ruin my life... to prove your point... I, I, I, I, ..... well - join me tomorrow :)


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