Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh, yeah... that second one

Here is that second story.  Remember that the only thing changed in this one is that I will not have the friend's name.

Ok, onward...

The Last Flight

      As Derek Jordan was starting his nightly ruten of feeding he began to notice the world around him was not the same.  It had an extra blare of light from above.  He couldnot understand the new light on this particular night of feeding.  As he flew over the city he noticed a young boy maybe by the age of 14.  So Derek landed behind a buildings wall a little infront of this boy.  The boy kept on walking not knowing the danger he was in at this time.  As the boy got closer Derek's teeth began to enlarge and was now ready to pounce onto this next victim.  The all of the sudden this boy came by the cornerand was voilently grabed from behind by very boney arms that gave him great pain as they poked into his sides.  He began to try to turn to see who or what had grabbed him so violently, but before he could get around Dereks teeth began to sink into the young mans throat.  Then the boy began to scream violently and stoped abrubtly as his heart stoped pumping blood that was now taken be this creature of the night.  As Derek began to lay his victim down onto the ground he relized that this was no ordinary victim but his friend *name of friend*!!  Then Derek violently awoke from a great sleep and began to look around.  He relized that he was in a completly white room and on a small bed.  He tried to get up with no success because his arms and legs were tied down to the bed he was on.  Then it all came back to him he was no vampire, but only a helpless victim of the embli virus that will put its victims in a state of dreaming and his horrible dream was now over!!!

Hope you enjoyed these wonderful tales that my younger self cooked up.  Who knows, I may find more and you can then enjoy those as well!


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