Thursday, January 28, 2010

An Old Story... written by a young odd dude....

Yeah that young dude was me, and these were written either when I was in sixth grade (very good chance) or jr. high (slight good chance). Anyway there are two, but will only post one today. I will not change anything in them (not even spelling), except in the second one I will leave out a name of my friend. Instead it will read ... *name of friend* :)

Alrighty .... and here is the first


As Derek stood on this small plane with one engine blown to pieces ready to jump out with this cheap unreliable parachute. His life began to run through his mind first with his birth ti his failing most of all his tests at school, then to his mother and fathers deaths of one very horrible fire that he had started in his room with a cigarrette and his very thin curtans. And then he came to the flight that was bound to screw up because of all the quality. The piolet had told him that he had a bad heart and warned him that this was even more dangerous than it had seemed, but Derek had not listened to him because of the was his life had been going and this one little thing was nothing to him. He then come to the point that had gotten him into this position. The piolet grabbed his heart and told Derek to jump then so he would be at the right height, but Derek was just too afraid. So the piolet died and the plane began to fall fast so Derek took the wheel remembering the hours he had flying in the army and lifted the plane to the right height, but with one minor problem of hitting a tree and losing the right engine. Now Derek's mind is coming to the point of the jump. Derek decided there was only one chose he had to live and that was to jump so he did just that. As he fell he pulled the rip cord that opened his parachute and sent him gliding to the ground. Derek landed on hard ground with a loud thump! He stoop up finding that he was sinking very slowly into the ground, The next thought that had crossed Derek's mind was that his painful life was now about to end!!

stay tuned for the second one tomorrow, and feel free to comment on my wonderful writing prowess :)


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