Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cole Brown - Church Songs (Free Music, Review) @emmauspdx @Noisetrade #randb #gospel #rap

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For Fans Of Matt Redman, Mary Mary, Jagged Edge, Ne-Yo, Tim Hughes

Gospel / Rap -  Pretty cool if you ask me - and you did ask me ... because you clicked on the link... that is how you asked ... if you were wondering!!  Mostly there is not any rap - just Gospel and Worship style songs!

Stand Outs :

"What A Trade" - It is funny that if one were to talk to themselves before they accepted Christ - they might get a kick in the face for the decisions made with Christ ... maybe.  I know that I have turned down a life that 'possibly' could have been much more financially gaining ... for where I am now - but I am willing to bet the farm (I do not even own a farm) that if I ever met the me that did not make those decisions... I would not like that guy.  so for me... it really was "what a trade"!!

"Father to the Fatherless" - to feel without a father is to feel powerless - to believe that there is no one that will stand up for us is a powerful thing that drags us down.  Knowing that God is the "Father to the Fatherless" and accepting Him as such gives you something even more powerful in that as a community of believers ( a family of believers, God multiplies the 'fathers' and 'mothers' in your life - and your gonna need them...)

(One thing I want to note is that the sound on these songs seemed to be about double the volume of normal songs I listen to - I had to drop my volume a lot to not go deaf listening to the music, not something horrible, just worthy of note for those wondering)

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