Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stefano Elliott Band - Right Here (Free Music, Review) #Acoustic #FolkRock

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For Fans of : Chris Tomlin, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Todd Agnew, Third Day

Old style type Rock and Roll - reminds me a bit of Petra (when they are more rock than folk)... maybe that is Folk Rock.. not sure - ah but so much of it also has an almost Mexican style acoustic guitar in it and really showcases these vocals and more folk instruments .. really cool and different sound..

they have a good sound - different from much of the stuff that I have been reviewing recently ... a good listen.. !! 

100% clear messages of God and Christ you have no doubt the motivation of the band!! 

Stand Outs:

"Right Here" - This is a pretty hard hitting message .. especially if we really take to heart and remember what Christ said about the 'least of these"

"More of You Today" - almost a regea sound.. really interesting.. and some electric ... psychedelic... really great message here as well

"Days of Elijah" - I have always loved this song and I love the way they did it.. really amazing!! 

"Shalom" - comes out of nowhere with some very interesting synthesizing .. and I have always loved the blessing that they are singing here .. "may His face shine upon you!! "  




  1. Hey Derek... we just found this review, and I wanted to say thank you!! It's been a while since we recorded this album, and I really appreciate the kind words! It was a labor of love for us, and we relish the idea that we communicated something to someone else! Thanks again!

    Mikey Cunningham (of Stefano Elliott Band)

    1. You are welcome - glad you found it!