Friday, January 20, 2012

@wearemosteller - On The Brightside (Free Music, Review) @noisetrade #rock #pop

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For Fans of : Lifehouse, NeedToBreathe, Tim Hughes


"Alright" - an encouraging song of spirituality .. not exactly worship, though pointing to Christ through the entire song! The tin soldier feel to the song is very artistic and really awesome sounding

"Amazed" - Certainly a worship spirit in this song.  I like the sound.. vocals are good.  To look to God and know all He has done.. really does leave me "Amazed"

"You Hold" - 'when weakness becomes my norm - I cling to you' .. the great thing is, as the song states, that God holds us.  He really is the strong power that holds us up.  If you feel fallen and broken down.. know that He is there.. ready and willing to hold you! 

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