Wednesday, February 15, 2012

52 Reasons : The recieving of the gift... (My Life)

My wife gave me the gift pictured above.  A good while before valentines day she makes the remark something akin to this "Oh.. I need some sand paper" .. I am thinking.. *ok.. I need to find the sandpaper* .. I do .. and next I hear "I need to buy a hole punch" ... I again am confused but ready to help out.  I had been carrying a hole punch in my jacket pocket (it is for a card trick) and just decided to leave it with her.  Come to find out .. all these things were needed in the making of my gift.  She did not really keep this secret.. I think that she enjoyed 'teasing' me with updates of when she was working on it.. and that she needed to put it all away before I got home.

The entire ordeal.. I was overjoyed.. because she took so much joy in doing it.  I was glad to see her energetically enthusiastic about this gift.. even if it did confuse me to no end what it could be.

When Elijah handed me the bag I actually had the thought..*that is so small.. it seemed like it was such a big project to come in such a small package*...foolish me

I opened it and saw the title page that you can see in the picture.. I was in awe!  She warned me that she destroyed something of mine and so I was not worried to find an entire deck of my cards 'destroyed' in this manner.  Apparently Kyley helped a bit as well (How did she make this.. Check it out HERE : Much thought went into this.. I do card magic. .so that was a perfect thing to pull from .. or medium to use to gift me something.. it 'fits' with me.  

I wanted to read them .. one by one .. for 52 days, but when I mentioned the idea to my wife she got that look in her eyes that she did not envision that as the way I was to receive the gift.  I read all 52 on the spot.. I remembered, I laughed, I got misty eyed.. and then my eyes began to burn and I cryed.. I then wiped my eyes with a dishrag as Melanie looked on with humor shining from her eyes.

I am very happy to have a wife (and friends) that know me enough to pull a sideways gift that is just perfect for me.  Keep watch as I post about each and every reason in the cards.  I plan to give the details as to why I think she decided to place that into the 52, hopefully give my reasons that they are also reasons that I love her, and finally .. if possible .. I want to talk about Christ as well!  

I am excited about this.. I hope 'readers' are too.. I know that my wife is.. and if that is all I 'reach' with this.. that will be enough! 



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