Saturday, May 5, 2012

SLICK Nikki - Answer The Call (Free Music, Review) @MusicSLICK @noisetade #gospel #rap

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For Fans of :  Lauren Hill , Regina Skeeters, Ebony "thebabyjumper" Dixon, The Roots, Alicia Keys

Overall Thoughts:

A standard type rap album.. except for the fact it is a female front vocal ... 

pretty normal messages for Christian rap artists.. with some biblical lyrics as well .. and lifting up God and Christ throughout, even some pulling a bit of popular worship songs into them.. 

I have to be honest though.. I do not like that this is coming out in this album's review.. but.. I have listened to so many of these rap albums that ALL seem to have the same little 'tib bit' parts jammed into the music.. I do not think that pretty much EVERY song on the album needs the same tid bits.. the big one being the 'straight out of diamond.. something or another' .. every time I hear it now.. or I hear one that has the web address plastered throughout the song I skip it.. I can no longer get past them.  

I am sorry for that.. really I am.. but I needed to get it out.. in the end.. this album has a heart pushing others to Christ.. 

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

There would have been more.. I am sure if it were not for the annoying 'ads' shotguned thorough out some of the songs

Example - "I'm Free" is a pretty awesome song.. I enjoyed the beat.. the flowing of it .. and as well the message.. but .. I could NOT STAND the ads that popped in every few seconds 

now.. for others

"Go Hard" - This held some of the best rapping I heard on the album. .male and female . the lyrics were smart and serious.. very cool stuff

"Brand New" - the message here really got me.. certainly a good and normal message, but this was done really well and caught my ear

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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