Friday, June 8, 2012

What Will taught on tonight ... if you missed out!! (UNVEILED)

Lesson taught by Will, notes taken by derk
 2 Samuel 5

All about David becoming king of Israel 

The nuts and bolts .. Will decided to do a 'how are David and Saul different'?

Saul kind of did things himself a 'lone gunner'.. and David always seemed to go to God .. after the things that he would do
Saul would rush things.. and do them on his own.. w/o approval of God, David would go to God each time.. and follow God's guidelines
 David practiced obedience much better than Saul

Even in the past chapter we saw a great difference in the way Saul and David dealt with someone who was a threat to their throne.  Saul was overjoyed and moved to kill David when information was brought to him of David's location - David punished those that 'seemingly' helped him with his station as king.
How can we apply this to our lives?
Pray.. and Obey.. rinse and repeat.. 

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