Friday, October 26, 2012

Errik Yesz - (Free Music, Review) @ErrikYesz #rap #favorite

fix title add reviewed before link (from reverbnation.. I was asked to review this) 

9 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

Christian Rap.. pretty solid stuff.. very enjoyable for certain

I have added this to my favorites

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional 

Stand Outs:

"Sweet and Noble" - very uplifting message.. very catchy beat.. totally enjoyable!! 

"I'll Go" - one of the best on the album.. very good message.. all about the willingness to do as God  wills.. to be His and His alone.. very smooth.. very calming.. very beautiful 

"El Shaddai" - very, very awesomely lifts up the name of God.. WOW.. totally awesome.. though it seems to end quickly

"Laced" - all about having the armor of God on.. pretty cool.. very much encouraging and 'get your butt in gear' kind of music.. 

"Ain't Gotta Halla" - all about 'finding your other half' and as well trying to do it the right way.. by God's will

"Somewhere" - another encouraging and 'get going' attitude song.. good stuff!!

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