Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Knowing What Line NOT to Cross (Blurb)

Walmart, Winndixie, and many other large stores around here have an electronic locking system on their shopping carts. They allow you to bring your cart with you to your car, but will lock up the back wheels if you go past a certain line.  There are clearly marked signs showing this and as well as very clearly marked line painted on the ground, but I have seen people pushing with all their might right at these lines trying to get their carts past it.  How Foolish I think to myself.. then a week comes at me sideways... 

This past week was very rough on me. Work, by itself, has been rough for about the last two weeks due to the nature of what I am working on and how I am having to do the work (I am good now btw), but I found out I missed a class I wanted to attend and was reminded I needed to organize both a birthday party and a fall festival by the weekend. All of that.. as well as time to slip in some Borderlands 2.  What is kind of bad is I actually set up a schedule to keep from getting all things done last moment. I can do well last moment but know for certain, at the very least, my nerves and feelings are better off when I plan ahead well.

I really felt by the end of this week I was pushing a cart into an invisible wall. Just trying my darnedest to get it to move, totally disregarding the honest truth I should initially should have understood.

The cart does not need to go further than this. It is marked.. It is set already for everything... I found in my personal case, God filled every gap I thought I was seeing.. He was trying to just get me to slow down and see the truth.  As long as I continued to push the 'cart' I was in one place, doing nothing, and getting more and more miserable.  

Thank you Lord for being there and getting me through this and I ask you to guide me in the future to do things your way... Read the right signs and follow your marked path for my journey ahead in life!

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