Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where There's A Wall - In Your Hands (Free Music, Review) @zmtimmerman @Noisetrade #electronic #pop #favorite

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For Fans of :   Lights, Owl City, The Fray, Gungor, Capital Lights

3 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

Very pop feel.. very fun and energetic .. pretty open in theme and concept.. very artistic is probably more what I mean there .. very surreal.. as well .. very clearly leading to Christ in the music ,but also having nerdy things like the millennium falcon 

I have added this to my favorites

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"Lazarus" - a rebirth.. but in a most spectacularly different way.. very interesting pulls and randomness but still very much leaning on the love of Christ... some of the most insane sounds thrown together but actually sound totally amazing

"Grey to Blue" - all about desire .. and the walk from being in darkness to light.. or in talking about skys.. grey to blue.. stormy to sunny.. in the end.. a very uplifting and 'happy making' song

"Follow You" - another insane collection of wonderful sounding sound.. where is your strength from... what is your guiding force.. does it beat you down or lift you up? "Lord, I know I can trust you, and you'll be with me all the while (or maybe way)" .. I really enjoyed how this one turned the corner and just really became just about lifting the Lord above all.. very, very cool!

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