Friday, November 16, 2012

Thirst - T.A.G. (Thirsting After God) (Free Music, Review) @ThirstMusic @noisetrade #hiphop #rap

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For Fans of :    Christian Gospel Music, Hip Hop, Local, Christ, Rap

10 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

Christian rap.. interesting messages.. a tiny bit rough... but I attribute that to the recordings and not the ability to rap

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Semi-Professional and Amateur 

Stand Outs:

"God Hears" - all about the things we may go through.. and how we can trust in God.. that He Hears.. that He is the truth we should hold onto.. 

"Freedom" - while the message is good and the beat was pretty cool.. it did sound kind of odd.. like the recording was almost bouncing a bit.. it may have been an added effect on purpose.. but it just sounding like at times the recording was popping.. 

"Fast Life" - very awesome beat.. and as well great message ... lifting up the idea of old and new.. the way life was chosen to live before Christ to the new choices now.. Christ changes.. the echo effect that was added was annoying though

"King Kidz" - very awesome message.. as well the rapping in this track is awesome!

"Lets Fly","Push","Outro" - also has the popping sound.. 

"Star on Da Block" - also has the popping sound.. could not even listen to it and enjoy it at all the popping was so bad

"TAG - Thirst" - very impressive rapping .. wow.. clever lyrics as well 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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