Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gift Wrapped Excitement - MERRY CHRISTMAS (Blurb)

Every Christmas I am excited about something.  It is usually not the same thing, but truly I enjoy getting gifts.  I enjoy not knowing what I got and then opening up a crisp wrapped present to find out what it is.  The joy I get from getting something is pretty exciting for me, almost too exciting at times, and I have had to pear down my 'want' for things over the years.  I am quite easy to buy for, because there are still... very many 'things' I like and enjoy.

Let me tell you though, I enjoy giving a gift 1000 times more than I enjoy getting one.  My daughter REALLY enjoys Doctor Who so I decided to get her a Sonic Screwdriver.  This item is very important for the Doctor as he uses it do pretty much do anything he needs.  It gets him out of many troublesome situations.  Kyley, would love it.

Check out the video of Kyley opening this gift:

This was a birthday present - as you can see Asher got to tell her Happy Birthday, but being her birthday is in December, much more present giving was in the future for me.  I was honestly disappointed in the reaction Kyley had as she opened up her seemingly awesome gift, but she did play with it for days and never let it leave her sight for a good while, so I still call it a win.

The surprise reaction I got from her made me realize I really should record another gift giving.  This one was for my boss.  The Mechanical Engineering department got together and bought our boss a bobble head replica of... well himself.  This is a pretty epic gift, but my boss is not always one to burst with emotion, so I did not expect much. 

Check out the video of my boss opening this gift:

This is much the reaction I thought I would get from my daughter.  Surprise and delight of an unexpected... awesome gift.  

How do you react to a gift?  Do you shrug it off and just move on?.. Do you jump up and down in excitement and make a fool out of yourself?  At the very least do you say 'thank you' to those who worked hard to choose something they thought you would enjoy? 

No matter what you do... let us all remember the gift given and as well the reason we truly do celebrate Christmas. A celebration of Christ, our Messiah, Jesus!  How have you reacted to the give He gives?  It was wrapped in flesh.. swaddling clothes... lain in a manger.  He was marked for death before he was even out of the womb.  This present was opened with whips, nails, and a spear.  How, truly, do you accept a gift such as the blood of Christ? 

If you have a  few moments watch last years Christmas card trick on my 2nd Youtube channel :) 

I love all of you who read this blog and make my effort worthwhile.  I thank Christ for his sacrifice and for changing me, everyday!  

Now... go out and tell someone about this Savior as we celebrate His birth!

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