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A Road Less Traveled - Love Trancend (Music Review) @arltmusic #Kickstarter #rock #worship #favorite

The Post I talked about their Kickstarter for THIS album : 

The Review for their album "Of A Captive Heart" HERE : 

As you can see in the picture above I have received my physical (and signed) cd for "Love Trancend".  I almost sent out this review before when I had all the songs, but I just felt it would go better once I had my disc.  
On to the Review!!! 

For Fans of :    Skillet, Red, Switchfoot, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin

Overall Thoughts:

This is a ROCKING worship album.. I really enjoy the music.. and the passion that it is played and sung.. This really shows this band's heart for God and as well some amazing musical talent

While many of the songs are all 'covers' they have their own feel to the songs.  Either I have not heard these songs much... or they just played them in such a new and inviting way that I found them to sound new a fresh to my ears

My scale goes from 1-5 - all of these songs on this album are 5's - only 6 songs, but amazing songs.  Sometimes people try to cover up quality with quantity.  A Road Less Traveled has looked at quality first!  

Of Course... I am adding this to my favorites!

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good 

Individual Song Thoughts:

"Mercy Reigns" - a great tempo.. I like the heavy energy to start this.. and just some very cool musical moments.. The passion for God and lifting of His wonderful ability to still have mercy and grace for us.. 

"Here For You" - the 'clapping' beat in this is SO VERY COOL.. and again.. such amazing passion for Christ!!

"Always" - A cool funky electric backing.. and such a great message 'always' ... the delivery of this song is spot on.. I really enjoy it every time I hear it

"Your Love Never Fails" - This is the ONE that I feel sounds VERY much like the one I have heard many, many times.. I still like it.. they did a great job.. awesome song!

"Never Once" - This one is so surreal.. I like the way the beat just flows in another way from the music.. but as well it is so with it.. very cool sounding

"Isaiah 6" - A song that really gets you to pull out your bible and just check out where they got their lyrics.. is very cool .. this one is very rocking.. it is not quite my favorite out of the 6.. but still a top notch song in my book! 


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