Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Austin King - You Came, You Lived, You Died (Free Music, Review) @CAustinKing @Noisetrade #gospel

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For Fans of :     Chris Tomlin, Unhindered, Aaron Keyes

6 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

While certainly this is an early recorded tracks.. I almost did not get these, but the Lord pressed upon my heart to get them and I know why.. I found all of these to really have the proper worshipful spirit of truth in them NEEDED to proper usher in worship.. this tells me much about the artist.. His heart is for God.. and wants to only lift HIM.. I found as I listened that I wanted to pray and lift up this young man in his obvious call into the ministry of music for God.. I ask the same of you as you take a listen as well!! 

He has some common contemporary worship as well as some kind of well know hymns.. I found all to be done pretty well.. I would think that vocal fine tuning will improve the quality by much.. 

Recording Thoughts:

Ok ... Amateur

Stand Outs:

"You Came, You Lived, You Died" - such a simple message... but it really relays this story salvation quite well... such a great grasping of the sacrifice and the desire to follow Christ in light of the truth.

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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