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Derek Webb - She Must Aand Shall Go Free (Free Music, Review) @derekwebb @Noisetrade #limitedtime #folk

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For Fans of :     The Beatles, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens

From Noisetrade : 

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of his first album, Derek is giving 'She Must And Shall Go Free' away for free, for a limited time.

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Preliminary Thoughts:

I almost just skipped over this, not because it is no good, but because I bought this album when it came out 10 years ago and listened to it a good chunk of my life so my thoughts were that I did not need it, but then again if it were not for Derek Webb, Noisetrade would not exist and I would not have all this music to review so why not write a review for an album that I actually bought and have since enjoyed.

11 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

acoustic.. very folksy.. really enjoyable tunes..An album that has such ingrained and deep messages it took me listening to it for months to chew on the ideas and spiritual nuggets that are injected into it .. I think that this album really showed me what compassion can really be.. it gave me such a new sight of Christ's love for us as a whole!

Recording Thoughts:

Very Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"Nobody Loves Me" - this is about judgment.. and seeing the world as well as yourself in proper perspective.. as well as learning to not worry about the rest of everyone's 'love' and 'like' of you..realizing ultimately that we are 'TOGETHER' the bride of Christ so our trust should only be in the love of God.. 

"She Must and Shall Go Free" - This one was REALLY hard for me to get for a while because it was SOOO hard to see myself as a bride.. ha!  I wondered and wondered who in the world this chick is that needs to be free.. ha!  It is us.. it is the Church as a whole.. this really has a wonderful view of Christ as He proclaims His love for His bride!

"Take To The World" - This is so very cool.. painting a picture of sharing the Gospel.. sharing of Jesus.. to take what nourishes you, what gains you SO much love -  to those that are hungering for it.. and ultimately the wonderful sacrifice Christ showed by becoming one of us to bring us the redemption that we did not deserve, but was given anyway!

"Nothing (Without You)" - I have always like the almost trash band feel of this song.. so rugged.. Heavy with wedding analogies.. but this is speaking of the movement into acceptance of salvation.. the heart that wants Christ, but has so much to hold onto.. though none of it is important without God! 

"Lover" - From the viewpoint of Christ.. kind of a storytelling of His time on earth.. and shows a really cool almost freaky dealing of Christ's love for us.. and His desire for us to be free and change to follow Him! 

"Wedding Dress" - The acoustic is so wonderful in this song!! This was another very hard one for me to get thorough as I think it will never quite feel right to think of myself in a wedding dress.. but.. is it not such a great representation of what Christ is to us.. and what we truly want to be for Him!! I think we all really do deal with so many of these things brought up in the song.. that even though we want to be so good.. the best we can do in many ways is just cover it up with HIS BLOOD and go to Him in trust and faith.. wow.. so powerful.. and so real.. " I would take a little over your very flesh and blood " SMACK.. such a true statement.. It is so amazing that even in these states .. Christ looks on us with love and compassion.. wow.. This has always been my favorite song on the album.. such a hard hitting message.. 

"Awake My Soul" - After getting hit between the eyes this was always a great 'pick me up' .. so joyful and reverent.. 

"Saint and Sinner" - This one was always interesting.. I always had a hard time figuring out who the 'singer' is in this song.. the best I could come up with in all this time is that it cannot be God because they call themselves a sinner.. so that could only mean that.. this may just be a lament from Derek himself.. just having a look at relationship.. and devotion to what, as a man, he does.. and how much he will put towards it.. that to 'pull' him from his calling it would take OH SO MUCH.. and really it seems only God can be that guy.. so .. follow on with Christ brother!! 

"Beloved" - Such a passionate cry out to us from God .. that He wants our well being.. to not be deceived... honestly.. this is one of the most straightforward songs on the album.. and it ends with a .. well.. do you enjoy skat?.. this ending is full of it.. and it is pretty cool musically in a blues style.. 

"Crooked Deep Down" - The beat of this is awesome.. and the message is kind of like the song.. the song sounds good and is very jovial.. but if you listen to the words you realize the story is much  darker than the song puts forth.. We do this so very much in our walks of faith.. pretend to be better than we are.. and in this lifestyle it is so easy to look at everyone with that hidden sin inside them.. more openness .. more trust in Christ we can break this mold .. and keep in mind.. this song MUST switch sides and be sung from perspective of the bride and then from Christ's perspective.. and back I am pretty sure.. otherwise .. there are some really big problems theologically.. Ha!...

"The Church" - From Christ's perspective.. a wonderful speaking of true love.. seeing that most certainly scriptural idea that we must love one another in brotherly love.. such a beautiful showing of this in Christ's eyes.. 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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