Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Threading The Needle (Blurb)

I started the act of sewing because I was a boy scout and in need of patches being sewed onto sashes and uniforms. My mother did them all at first and then the time came when it was my duty. There were times when I did not like it, and as well there were times I was proud to have sewed a patch on by myself.

I once cut the couch when younger because I was just mesmerized by how the threads would break as the knife cut them. It was a good thing mom taught me how to sew...right? I was punished (I don't remember how), but I also had to sew the couch back together. This practice was good because I had to do this recently with our own couch. No... no kid cut anything - it was just time and weight pulling the threading apart. Getting older, married, and having kids I have found some new things to sew. Buttons on jackets and holes in couches are just a few.

I also was given the opportunity, right after Christmas, to help out my niece (my brother's step daughter) by sewing the arm back on her stuffed animal. It was very rewarding! On that job my mother already had a needle threaded and ready to go, so I just used it, but when I was working on the couch in my own home I had to thread the needle myself.

Threading a needle is a harder job than it should be. The thread obviously is going to fit, but every time you head towards the eye of the needle the thread seems to want to lean another direction. A tricky part is when you go to push the thread through the eye and it looks as if you have done it, but as you pull it taught you realize it was only hiding behind the needle... AHH.. .the tricks our eyes play on us.

I tried a good few methods to get this done correctly even moisten the end to get a better point, but over and over failed. If you look in the picture above you see the little device which can be used to help thread a needle. Pretty much anytime I have ever sewed I have HAD to use one of these. This time I had to give up on doing it myself and just use the device intended to make the job easier.

I really can be stubborn at times, wanting to get things done myself and without any kind of help. When I succeed in those times I can feel much as if I am better than I believe. Trouble is... It only lifts meup and sometimes I only realize later that what looked like victory was really failure. Much like with Gideon, God wants situations to not just lift up people, but Himself; His Son, Jesus; and His Holy Spirit! I want this in my life. I want all I do to be for HIS glory!

Salvation for a rich man is as possible as pushing a camel through the eye of a needle.... and I have a hard enough time pushing the thread intended to go there through one. This tells me so much about the wonders God can accomplish!

The impossible for man, is possible for God!

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