Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Never Used Homework Pass (Blurb)

Pictured above is a homework pass I was gifted one year in school from the teacher on Valentines day.  Pretty cool right!  I certainly thought so... I kept that bad boy up to this day.  Probably makes me some kind of super awesome, totally rocking student... i bet... not really.

My not using this may have 'made sure' in a way I did each and every homework assignment , but due to the fact I still have it suggests I just may have wasted a blessing. 

Looking at it now I can see the true worth of holding onto something perishable.  It is easy to see this with food, many drinks, and even paper, but what power the paper has ... it is hard to grasp its ability to spoil and rot.  

When a paper has an expiration date, like my credit at the Trade N' Books store here in town I totally can see how much credit I have and exactly when it will become zero if I do not use it.  This homework pass ... did not hold a proper date I could easily see, granted I should have understood as the school year ended, its value would become nothing, but ... really I didn't.

We kind of suffer from an outlook like this as well.  We have the Bible, and it is in many ways a 'free pass' to God.  I know when I wanted, asked, and received my first Bible it sat on my nightstand for years before I actually cracked it open and started reading it.  It took my life turning upside down to actually see the Bible as an option, even though it was there for so very long.  

I poured it into my life like a flood once I realized what was held between those fake leather bindings.  When I could actually understand and SEE the change it was making inside of me and in the life I was living there was no doubt this love given pass is truly 'Active and Alive'.

The Bible as a book will rot and pass away, what you may do in place of it while it rots on your nightstand will also rot and die... infecting you with sin spots of death every day of your life, but if you can remember you have the option to actually put the words of God into your life, which is the very thing about it which makes it last forever, you will begin to understand the possibility of living forever and, as well, make choices God intended for you all along!  

Are you possibly passing up the 'free pass' offered for something that will just fade away? 

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