Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wildland - Depths (Free Music, Review) @WildlandBand @Noisetrade #gospel #rock #favorite

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For Fans of :     Gungor, David Crowder Band, Ascend The Hill, Charlie Hall, Switchfoot

11 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

A slightly older feel rock.. it really has a modern taste.. but just a sliver of an older feel.. if that even makes sense.. anyway.. the songs are pretty enjoyable, but the messages are MUCH enjoyable.. very good .. a little hard sometimes to 'hear' it clearly through the music..  

I am going to add this to my favorites.. not really due to the quality of the recording.. but for the amazing thoughtout lyrics.. these are great songs! 

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

"Bring Us Life" - awesome message... "Out of the Darkness, you have brought us to light" ... or "out of the dark/dust you bring light" .. "We will rise" 

"Mud and Dust" - shows that lowly state and how God is amazing enough to 'raise us" .. beautiful

"Found Us Here" - a great song of the joy of Salvation

"You Are" - common worship theme.. but I just really liked the way it was done.. very nice

"God's Great Love, Resurrected" -Amazing song about Jesus!

"Whatever It Takes" - A great song of Christ and His wonderful love toward us! 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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