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Adam's Road - 4 Albums (Free Music, Review) @adamsroadband @noisetrade #gospel #acoustic #favorite

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For Fans of :      Shane and Shane, Tenth Avenue North, Chris Tomlin

Overall Thoughts:

Good energy.. alternative ... contemporary sound... great biblical standing.. and wonderful call to the world about the Gospel

This is a TON of great Christian based music that you can snag.. and I really liked it.. so much good here! 

I am adding this to my favorites!! 

Great Commission 

13 Songs

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"New Creation" - cool sound... very smooth.. and always a great message .. well done.. liked the harmony

"Deaf Will Hear" - the acoustic.. simple sound.. is quite amazing.. calming and a great uplifting message

"Lose Your Life" - the beat part .. starting around 2 min mark is pretty sweet sounding! 

"The Church" - such a great showing of vocals.. AMAZING!! 

"Passion Song" - very good song about Christ

"Justified by Faith" - cool storytelling song.. and a heavy importance in faith

"Serpent Lifted Up" - another storytelling one.. but mixing what Christ said about Him being lifted like the serpent.. pretty cool

"Believe and Confess" - Acoustic.. very calming.. very enjoyable.. one of my favorites

Book of Life

14 Songs

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"Heaven and Earth" - cool acoustic background.. good beat.. ear pleasing for sure.. and uplifting message! 

"The Law and The Prophets" - very cool telling of Jesus.. and the smooth way the biblical look.. the more analytical.. 'law book' look into it.. is pretty awesome

"Good News" - beautiful sound.. a pretty common Gospel message about Christ.. well done.. such great vocals

"Flesh and Spirit" - more of an alternative grain.. very good .. one of my favorites on the album.. and of course has the message of the warring Flesh and Spirit

"Personal Relationship" - the acoustic.. and just all around sound is so free and jovial.. so amazing in it's uplifting spiritual attitudes.. are you in a relationship with Jesus?

"Book of Life" - title song of album... the message is about the book of names that you get 'access' to through Christ.. do not let one more moment pass without this decision in your life

"Second Adam" - very awesome telling of the correlations between Adam and Christ.. the death to the physical and the birth of the Spiritual!

"Hated For Christ" - amazing message.. wow "Let us not grow weary of doing good"

"Secret Sacred Things" - very interesting message .. "Why the secrets?" "Just remember theres no secret sacred things"

"I Would Die For You" - very powerful message from the viewpoint of Christ/God :) 

Enemy of The Cross

12 Songs

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

"Saved By Grace" - great 'Paul' outlook on salvation and the 'works' that we accomplish.. the 'greatness' that we have  without God

"Living Sacrifice" - hmmm.. seeing a common theme.. saved by grace.. great uplifting message.. and really a good ideal song to really 'see' what we should do as lovers of God

"Baptized" - cool storytelling of John the Baptist... I really liked the beat.. and it as well goes through the motion of talking about Jesus and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as well.. cool pulling of Scriptures.  I really liked this one.. very clear and well done with the message

"One" - a call for unity.. very awesome!!

"I'll Tell You Right Now" - kind of a more rock sound.. sort of.. this is a storytelling song.. from the view point of the thief on the cross beside Jesus that accepted him.. and as well the lesson of asking of gifts of the Lord.. 

"Enemy of The Cross" - title track of album ... already has a more 'evil' feel in the music. .in a way.. and as well the tone really implies a heavy persecution of the saints.. as it continues the light is revealed and the song becomes more beautiful .. and open in the 'message of the cross' and you see that this is truly the conversion of Saul becoming Paul.. sweet!

"Jehovah's Witness" - awesome tellings from the book of Isaiah .. and even the connections to Christ .. 

"It's All About Love" - acoustic ... calm.. and the message is of Love.. and it's greater importance in the life of a follower of Christ

"Treasures In Heaven" - acoustic again.. and again relaxing.. the message can be simply understood by reading the title.. well done.. right on with the word of God.. 

"Seven Woes" - very impending doom type of music.. but .. it makes sense with the title.. .. this is a powerful and hard hitting message .. about judgment of looks and well.. lol quantum judgment.. and legalism.

Band of Prophets 

14 Songs

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Professional

Stand Outs:

"Lamp To My Feet" - this starts with such AMAZING HARMONY!!! The message here is the hope and truth in the guidance that we have from God.. that we have a path we can walk that God is guiding us on

"Is This The End" - wow.. very interesting song.. about the thoughts and musings of 'The End', but as well the hope and love of Christ

"One With Me" - a communion song.. pretty cool funky kind of guitar beat.. really ear pleasing

"You Have A Home" - A great uplifting and encouraging message..

"Good Shepherd" - the truths of God .. and His wonderful love.. His wonderful ability to comfort and provide for us

"Band of Prophets" - title song to album ... a good smooth start.. it really flows.. amazing look on the Power of God.. the ability to be close to God.. to have His spirit and the boldness.. as well as unity that can come of it's placement in your life

"No Greater Love" - Amazing scripture to song.. such wonderful talent here.. in putting these together... and being able to sing them in such a way that they are totally enjoyable musically.. 

"Three Crosses" - very interesting.. a little harder to follow for me.. but honestly it may have been my fault ..and not the songs

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

@adamsroadband on twitter 



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