Saturday, March 2, 2013

What Tim taught on tonight ... If you missed out tonight! (UNVEILED, 03-01-13)

1 Kings 13 taught by Tim. who is here. 
 or maybe sung by tim. or maybe not. :P
 v 1-3: a nameless man of God prophesies that the priests practicing idolatry would be brought down by Josiah of the line of David

v 4-6: God's word from this man come true. As long as we are in God's will, we are under his protection. We should not let fear prevent us from doing God's will. He is more than able to accomplish it through him. 

Persecution from the world like the persecution of Jesus.

God's forgiveness on Jereboam in the form of healing his arm. 

v 7-10: the King shows gratitude to the Lord for healing his rm by attempting to reward the man of God. However, these things do not tempt the man of God to disobey. 

v 11-17: man of God still committed to his message. But he was sitting under the tree rather than traveling. Why did he stop? Perhaps his disobedience resulted in this second temptation. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you could have avoided by pressing on toward God's will?
Satan doesn't have to turn you 180 degrees. He only has to get you to step off the path. Or just stand still.

v 18-22: one prophet lying to another and costing him his life.

Jeremiah 23:26- lying prophets
Jeremiah 29:8- let not your prophets deceive you
Matthew 7:15- watch out for false prophets, wolves in sheeps clothing
1 John 4:1- test the spirits to prove they are from God

DONT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. Go to the word of God, which you know is true. 
How many times will you resist temptation before you give in?
Have you ever been fooled by the good intentions of others? 
Have you ever found an excuse to do something even though you knew it was wrong?
v 23-32: every action we make has a consequence. both prophets had a choice, and both suffered the consequences. Keep you eyes on God constantly. Don't act rashly.  

v 33-34: Jeroboam disregarded the future consequences of his actions.

Have you ever led by a bad example? Did it affect how God's word was received?
Don;t go against God's word unless he specifically tells you the plans have changed. dont be fooled


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