Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adam Da Beginning - Searching For An Answer (Music, Review) @adamdabeginning #rap

I was given this album to review it.  I am not certain that it is avaliable for free or not, but if the artist sees this (my contact was through facebook and their page seems to be down now) then I may be able to add the download link.

For Fans of :  Lecrae, Christian Rap, Andy Mineo

7 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

Rap.. with spiritual undertones... good, fun easy to enjoy beats .. repeats a bunch.. some good and hard hitting messages.. 

Recording Thoughts:

Good ... Semi-Professional

Stand Outs:

"The Search Begins" - this world is in darkness.. this song captures a bit of that.. and really shows the need.. and the desire we should have to search for God

"Broken Trees" - interesting.. 

"Cause and Effect" - why do things happen? .. why does bad happen.. there are reasons.. it has to do with man.. not God!  Interesting way to tell this...pretty rough way to tell it.. 

"Love Requires Commitment" - how hard do you work for love. this is some pretty good calling for love in the world.. that we could do it.. if we did not just think about ourselves.. but others.. and have love for them actively

"Stripper (insert name here) I Love You" - ... wow.. kind of a Hosea story really.. interesting.. a very brash and heavy love call ... Very cool reading of the Bible.. nicely done!! 

"Suicide Note" - very passionate.. very real.. very amazing salvation story... rebirth... so hopeful.. wow.. so cool!! 

"The Porch" - more heavy stuff.. really throwing down a bunch of the sinful things we may do.. .and as well.. forgiveness.. and ability to change.. 

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