Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Military Life - Part 3 : Sand Storm (Blurb)

As a way to help promote support to my goal for my birthday month, giving at least $3,000 to Child Evangelism Fellowship Military Ministries, I have decided to write my blurbs from when I lived on base.  Enjoy and consider donating to the cause! (Click to Read More About This)

In part one I mentioned our bike riding skills and our freedom in riding all over the base without abandon.  Today I want to tell another story with such information in mind.

I was out by myself - riding my bike near the school on base and decided to head home.  On my way a terrible sight was in my path.  A sand tornado was making it's way through the same street I was riding my bike on.  It was coming right for me.  I had no clue what to do - I was at a total loss for how to deal with the situation so I just kept riding.  

My eyes were shut fast and hard - I pedaled quickly as my heart pounded ... my fear was extreme.  All I could think of was the destruction a thing such as this could cause, and knew we always hid from them.  

It did not make sense though, the day was beautiful ... how could there be a tornado?

I opened my eyes and it almost seemed as if it was moving of it's own volition.  I closed my eyes and kept going.  I rode directly into it - I could feel the sand hit me in the face, it felt like being poked forcibly with 1000s of pine needles at once.  The entire right side of my face, my right arm, and leg was hit with the sand.  

The pain went away - the wind died down, I opened my eyes as I slowed my bike and turned to look behind me.  

The tiny dust devil moved on, obviously not much affected by my intrusion.  I smiled and continued on home.  

Each time we moved, even though it was not too often, it was much the same as this story.  The circumstances did not make sense - all we, my brothers and I, knew was our family was told to move, so we did.  We pushed through the storm.. through the tiny pains it caused, like losing He-man and Lion-o action figures, friends, and stability ... to turn - seeing it was a force that could only be pushed through.  

We cannot change circumstances often.  We just have to buckle down, stand firm, and trust God is watching over us.  No matter the fear the dust devil conjured in me, the joy of making it through may actually be one of the greatest highlights of my Military Housing Childhood.  

Some families move very often, never settling much at all, therefore there is never many roots placed.  A ministry like CEF Military Ministries can place Good News clubs on bases all over the place, and create environments focused on Christ, of course, but as well a commonality from place to place as families move.  Maybe even creating good recommendations for churches and other activities for good 'ole military 'brats' like I was! 


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