Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Military Life - Part One : The Tree (Blurb)

As a way to help promote support to my goal for my birthday month, giving at least $3,000 to Child Evangelism Fellowship Military Ministries, I have decided to write my blurbs from when I lived on base.  Enjoy and consider donating to the cause! (Click to Read More About This)

My family lived on military bases most of our younger childhood.  We may have been military brats, but we were not like the ones who are often portrayed in comics and television. We were really much like every other family that lived anywhere else in America - we just lived on a base. 

It always felt save being on base.  I remember my brothers and I riding our bikes all over the place.  We knew the bases we lived on quite well because of this.  My middle brother and I would ride our bikes to a certain friends house every now and then because of the tree which was at the end of the street.  You would never know who would be out there because it was a pretty popular area for the kids around our age.

The mentioned tree at the end of the sidewalk was well sized and had a limb poking right out over the sidewalk we rode our bikes on.  The spot was popular because of what we would do using said limb.  We would ride our bikes down the side walk towards the tree, grab the limb and watch our bike sail out from beneath us.  In a way it was a contest to see who's bike would go the furthest - and as well a test of your manliness to show you could even do it.

There was one day I ended up on the sidewalk with my bike all by my lonesome.  There was no fear ... I was on base.. the base is safe.. I had a wonderful idea.  I decided this would be the best opportunity to ride my bike towards the tree the fastest I ever have, making my bike fly so very far when I did it later everyone of the other base kids would bow down to me and give me their bikes! 

I kick off the ground and start the pedals.  I am SMOKING fast - the wind is blowing by me so quickly it is all I can hear.  The branch is coming quickly... this is going to be awesome!  I reach up ... I catch the branch .. my bike continues on ... and so do I.  The momentum is too great for my hands to properly grip the limb.  I am no longer worried about my bike - I am looking at the sky... hmm pretty.  *thunk* my back hits the pavement.  Air leaves my lungs. I try to breath but nothing happens.  All I can do is open and close my mouth.  This does not last long, but it scares my out of my mind.  

By the time I can breath ... I am spent.  I am tired .. I want to go home, so I get up - pick up my bike and walk it home ... defeated.  

I don't tell anyone about what happened - that would just be admitting a foolish error on my part, and what good would such a thing do?

I did not give up on biking, or the popular tree limb grab.  My brother and I still head out there, just like we always have, but I am much more careful with my speed.  One day my brother and I were out there and I was riding in front of him, and I could tell he was picking up speed quickly. I saw the look in his eyes was showing the same feeling I had when I hurt myself. I yelled out for him to slow down, and it would not work, but he was determined.  If anything a Jordan has... it is determination once we have made up our minds - whether the road leads to victory or destruction.  

He peels by me, and I speed up trying desperately to get him to understand me, but I remember all I could hear was the wind .. he is gone.. he is lost.. I see him near the tree - he reaches up .. grabs it.. his bike continues on .. so does he.  I am watching myself in the past, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I get my bike up to him to see if he is alright.  He cannot breath... I do the best thing I know to do.  "I told you it would not work ... I did it before and the same thing happened to me"  It may not have been the best words, but he gets up - able to breath again and moves to get his bike.  

For both of us it took action to learn truth.  It is nice to learn a lesson without having to live through it, but is it not wonderful to learn from the mistake of another?

The true failure in this tale is I never spoke of my failure. What I did was fine, but I never could have realized the implications of keeping my mouth shut.  If I had spoken about what happened when I tried to ride as hard as I could, it may have kept my brother from trying it himself... or made it want to try it all the more.  

Either way, he knew the consequences then.

Our lives... the successes... the happy times... the moments that just make you want to smile.. they are all important and carry great testimonies, but as well.. the failures... the sad times .. and the moments that make you want to throw something through a window... are just.. if not MORE important.  

We really would prefer not to share of moments which make us look foolish and inadequate, but really.. those moments can inspire and warn others of possible dangers they may face.  

Jesus was always meant for a perfect sacrifice, but also a perfect example.  He never tore someone down for failure, or even what seemed to be a failure.  He was always encouraging, uplifting, and most of all loving.  

He told tales of people who failed often, but always was quick to offer forgiveness to anyone. This should be a wonderful hope within us! Our stories can create victories in ourselves ... and others!  Share truth! 

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