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RichRhymes - #XLFEMG (Free Music, Review) @richrhymes @bandcamp

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18 Tracks

I was given this album by the artist for the purpose of reviewing it. The opinions here are my own. -dErK

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Overall Thoughts:

Many flowing beats.. not all that much hard hits or roughness.. everything flows .. has a good feel to it mostly.. a bit surreal at times.. 

Recording Thoughts:

Pretty Good ... Semi-Professional and Professional

Individual Song Thoughts:
(Rating Scale 1 to 5 - 1 being least - 5 being greatest)

"XLFEMG" - an intro.. sounds good to me.. :)

"Spirits" 4 - What is moving one forward... The Spirit of God can be in all that you do .. this song is basically asking.. and declaring this idea .. good message

"My City" 3 - This is about the blessed hope of the Kingdom of Heaven... There is a certain ideal of only needing a Savior.. and finding God.. all good messages mixed with the trust of Heaven!

"Living Hell" 5 - A funky robotic.. electric feel.. and as well the raps are pretty sweet as they start around the 1 min mark.  Declares the freedom through the sacrifice of Christ.. shows an encouraging thing that no matter the 'evil' and the hellish circumstances we may have.. God has truth.. and freedom! 

"Exposed" 3 - I did not really like the echo .. or whatever the effect was on the vocals.. it made it hard to listen to the words.. other than that this was pretty good.. the message is pretty good.. Seems to have a theme like revealing what is hidden.. no matter the lies and ways that you try to hide your evil deeds... they will come out! Trust in God instead and move on in the light! 

"LoveXWoes" 2 - Pretty rote.. kind of a .. well .. roller coaster that is life.. up.. down.. we seem to bounce back and forth.. and the idea just becomes common place.. we get used to it.. it was a hard song to really pin down the message.. but that is what I got

"Leaving" 2 - Funky.. electric backings.. a bit of .. an overload when you seem to be hearing too much at once.. it is slow.. and calm.. but I think I was just listening too hard.. The main beat was pretty cool.. but not much was said to really gain the songs message .. "What the Hell" is used.. I can see the passionate feel of it's usage.. but it was possible to have 'What are they gonna do next" could have worked.. but meh whatever.. Honestly.. just the way the backing track had non understandable vocals... and then rap lyrics on top of it.. it was too hard to understand anyway.. even though.. it did sound cool. 

"Fallin'" 5 - This was really cool.. no matter how high .. how great your are.. sin is still a greater force.. it will take you down.. it well break you... but God is there for us.. He will always be our Savior.. always there and such a humble servant to us that would be so foolish as we are! Good song!

"M.W.R." 3 - What is it that motivates you?.. this song hits that .. is it money? .. is it women? .. is just your rap status? .. or anything material and pretty much useless to eternity? .. focus instead on Christ! I liked the song, but would have liked a more clear message in the direction.. I think it got a bit lost in the song.. still good.. just harder to pinpoint

"Better" 4 - Pretty slick beat.. kind of an epic feel.. I again.. did not really like whatever effect was put on the accompanied rapper.. The focus on Christ .. the hope and trust in Him shown here.. was very good.. very on point.. and clear.. I really liked it 

"Crows" 3 - Pretty passionate in the rap vocals.. this has 'ads' through it.. Seems to be about a life focused on material.. on temporal... but as well the flip flop... that we can lift up Christ one moment and the next be in a more blasphemous attitude towards Him. I certainly like the message. we need to drop the focus properly in our lives.. and live for Christ instead of ourselves.

"Alcoholic Living" 3 - Funky.. kind of intense.. Addiction.. and the consequences that can come from them.. 

"Dead" 5 - Without God.. we are missing something.. in guilt.. in conviction.. we can only 'feel' death in us.. it is the truth of sin.. it empties us.. it breaks us.. it makes us dead.. "I found myself it Christ" there is a hope.. one that died for the purpose of destroying sin.. change now.. accept Christ now.. accept LIFE within! 

"'I Succeed'" - awesome quote!! So very true!

"Focused" 5 - Good song.. I really got into the beat.. no matter the state of your life.. your attitude makes a HUGE difference.. and that can change just by what you are 'focused' on.. focus on Christ.. on the light.. and you can have joy through ANYTHING!! 

"Holy Blood" 5 - An amazing thing that Christ created as He died for our sins.. breaking the barriers to His Father!  We are all adopted into the family in acceptance of His gift!  Thank you lord!  The cleansing flow of your blood in our live.. that shedding changes us and makes us who we truly should be! 

"Living Stone" 4 - Interesting .. pretty clever.. My thought is that this is playing on the 'Jesus is the cornerstone' idea.. but not totally sure.. pretty cool though

"Beautiful Nightmares" 4 - Artistic.. paints a scene with words.. really grips the feelings of the artist and pushes them forward well.. and really.. an encouraging word.. we can make it.. we can go forward.. 

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