Friday, May 3, 2013

The Chinaman on the Quest for The Mystical Bobble Head Gnoe of Ultimate Power! (A Random Story)

Tonight we created our own game ... and with the rules. and randomness.. created this story.. Enjoy!
(Bold words were the ones that had to be used.. each brake is a new person telling the story) 
It was the dawning of the age of Aquarius and in this age there was a mystical bobble head gnome of ultimate power.

Chinese man who studied gorillas decided to believe and quest after the mystical bobble head gnome of ultimate power. 

Steve, the Chinese man, must use his pink umbrella to keep the sun off of him because he has a sunburn.. he will turn orange..

His background story is that he comes from a pitiful sandlot that had one dirty toilet in the middle of it.. and it was the only source of water.. that he washed his clothes in.. and this is why he has such a skin condition

Steve has a pet mastodon that he is taking the quest with.. he hops on his pet flying sharks and tows his pet mastodon in a hot air balloon.

He arrives in the mystical land of Montgomery... and he runs into the mighty morphin power rangers who have been sworn to protect the mystical bobble head gnome of ultimate power, but he had the forethought to bring with him a love potion and he tricked the power rangers into drinking it

The power rangers fall in love with the mastodon and begin to try and kiss it, but the mastodon gets scared and starts a stampede with the flying sharks... 

the stampede headed to The mystical lake and the  wizard there was very angry at the power rangers because they wanted to see the statue of liberty with the stampede

The lake wizard, upset with the power rangers, goes through his keepsakes from his summer trips to the statue of liberty highly agitated begins flipping through the pages of his photo album very rapidly and gets an epically legendary paper cut... and dies... Due to the stress, Steve becomes cross eyed

Steve.. the Chinese man .. riding on his starks.. in the stampede.. upon the wizards death.. is given the Will of the wizard from the wizard's lawyer.. he learns that he is not Chinese.. but adopted, and that the wizard is his father ... has a sister.. who is still alive.. To mourn and celebrate he eats chocolate brownies

The stampede has exited the mystical land of Montgomery... Steve cuts the stampeding flying sharks loose.. in order to find the castle dungeon where his sister is being held... The mastodon drinks poison because he would rather die that way then from lack of oxygen because the hot air balloon is too high in the sky.

As Steven approaches the dungeon his sister is held within he is attacked by an oger, but after falling over from the attack.. The oger goes into Steve's pockets and takes his laffy taffy. The Oger runs off into the forest leaving Steve confused and without snacks.

He followed the stench the oger left behind with his trial of onion peels and he turned left.. Then his sister told him to look behind him because there was an elephant there.

Needing a way to escape the elephant .. that wanted the peanuts in his sisters pockets.. he seeked out the wise guidance of the hobbit midget.. they fell down the rabbit hole that alice left open.  After traveling for weeks they stumble upon the aged turtle, Morla.

Steve tells Morla the story and his quest for the mystical bobble head gnome of ultimate power.. or better known as MBHGOUP.  Morla, who is a turtle cannot speak.. mimes out.. that they need to apply a cream due to the fact that Steve lost his umbrella.  In order to get out of the rabbit hole he mimed that they need to eat quiche.  They did this and were transported back to the mystical land of Montgomery.

Being back in Montgomery Steve and his sister find the tower that contains the MBHGOUP. They find a symbol on the door that seems to be a puzzle.  His sister says that it is circular like a soccer ball, but Steve knows that it is really a futball and says so.  When he says the word the door opens.  They step in to see that a game board is on a table in front of them... Chinese checkers is set up and ready for a game... 

When they looked into a dark dark corner they saw a village idiot who begins to tell them how they can win the game. 

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers who loved the mastadon... returned to their duty of protecting the MBHGOUP and competed against the adopted .. non-chinaman and his sister.. listening to the advise of the village idiot.. Steve grabbed the checker board, threw it in the air, and cried out, "The Ukraine is Weak!". The power rangers, stunned by this baffling move went madly insane.. they hopped onto the flying sharks (since subdued) went in all different directions.   In gaining the MBHGOUP Steve uses the power to cleanse the ancient toilet in the sandlot.  Actually making the sandlot into a beautiful bathroom.  He drops the MBHGOUP into the toilet.. it fizzes out and loses it's power.  The two lived in the sandlot bathroom happily ever after.

The End

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