Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Small Sacrifices of Art (Blurb)

Odd ... this has come up when it did.  I find it very interesting I get this one during the time when we are effectively homeless.  

It did not take long for my wife and I to realize our daughters immense joy in creating art.  She enjoys any medium, but really enjoys painting and there was no real place for her to be as creative as she wanted, without getting into the trouble by leaving things out in our small home. 

Many of my magic things were set up in the shed so I could get to them easily, but I moved them around so instead, the more accessible area could rather hold an art studio.  

Kyley had no idea what I had done when I told her I had something for her in the shed.  She worked hard to find a flashlight, knowing it was dark and there was no lights in the shed. She ran outside and looked around seeing it set up.  She immediately began organizing and letting me know how she was going to do the work, and set up her paintings for display.  

Her joy was infectious as I was infected by it.  My action sparked action in her... and her joy gave me exactly what I was in need of - joy.  

Joy begets joy!

But sacrifice was the start of this process.  While my sacrifice was truly not so great, it did not matter - it still birthed a great joy!  

As a Husband, Father, and just a follower of Christ - I can truly make small sacrifices over and over again and know the joy will overpower what I may have 'lost'.  I hope I can always remember this truth, and be as selfless as possible - and I pray God touches your heart helping you see even better or maybe even for the first time in this way as well!  

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