Friday, June 28, 2013

What Abi taught on tonight ... If you missed out! (UNVEILED, 06/28/13)

2 Kings 6
Lesson taught by Abi, notes taken by dErK
A borrowed axe head falls into water and is made to float
Anybody have any theories as to why this story was in there? 
Be careful with other peoples things ... 
Elisha had a ministry that seemed to help those that were in debt.. by retrieving this he kept this man out of a debt..


They had to ask Elisha to come along even though they did not want to.. could they have not been in this situation if they did not go here.. and drag him along with them.. 


 A prophet comes to the King and the King seems to think that their must be someone telling him secrets.. 
Have you every prayed for God to let you SEE the forces He has on your side? 
We discussed that there are times that we have faith.. and times that faith falls short.. 

Focus on God is key... 


Elisha opens the eyes of men.. and shuts the eyes of others.. 

the King of Israel is very confused as to what to do.. but Elisha urges him to compassion and goodness.. 

Because of this.. it is likely what caused peace to occur.. they could really see the power of God through this.. as well as the compassion.. 


Things had to be pretty bad to have them possibly eating a very undersireable thing.. and unclean at that ( donkey's head )


The king seems to have been asked for help a bunch.. giving a interesting answer before even being asked 


They basically killed and ate children.. though one would not do what was decided upon.. very disturbing

Who gets the blame for the choices of man? .. The prophet! Elisha.. wow.. that makes sense.. 

This is like the times we may be questioned.. Why does God let.. and it can be anything that sounds bad happen.. 

It very often a choice of man to blame God for the consequences that have come of their own choices..

If anything bad ever happens, God gives you a choice.. turn to Him.. or turn away from Him.. what will you do? 

Repent does not mean to just be sorry.. it means to TURN AROUND!! 

32-33  and Chapter 7 - verse 2

We seem to have short memories of God's powers.. blessings and bringing us through the hard times... 

We should have good trust in God

We see again another amazing blessing where someone's faith kept them only able to see, but not gain 


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