Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Mini Figures ... Really? (Blurb)

The poetic way to start this is: It all started in a flash with the pursuit of a Superman! ... but.. that is not exactly how it started. 

I have mentioned Heroics/Zerboz in the past as being the start of my retail therapy during my families transition period, but we did buy them long before this time.   We bought them just a few at a time, and each person in the family would get one - having each one open them one by one and each person would guess what they thought they may have gotten.

It was fun doing it this way, but I was determined not to spend too much on these awesome little guys so I decided I just wanted Superman from the DC series and Wolverine from the Marvel series.  Those are my favorite characters of their respective universes (and yes.. Superman outweighs Wolverine any day) and with those I would have what I wanted and could just move on. 

By the time we moved I had a rag tag collection of the tiny figures and had them displayed high above my dresser where no one could see them.  We packed everything up... moved out.. and I forgot what I had and did not have.

*a few weeks later*

A friend of ours was with us in Walmart one day and when passing by the tubes the Zerboz come in we began to talk about them.  I was exclaiming how all I wanted from the DC was a superman, but never found one ( I am still positive this is true, but will not know for certain until we can empty the storage building ) My friend picks out one of the balls and states, "This one is a Superman" .. I take it and tell him, "Cool, and if it is not - you owe me 17 dollars" WHY 17? Because I am weird and say funny things at times.. It got a laugh and we moved on.

We get outside and the Zerboz Ball is opened to reveal... Dun.. Dunn.. Dahhh... FLASH! 

All of us ... disappointed and at the verge of depression... no .. not really.. we laughed.. and I had an interesting idea.  I put the Flash in my ring, held it up to my wife and asked, "Does this ring look flashy to you?" She laughed.. and then I decided to take a picture.  Through this I did a bunch of them and ultimately created my @derkdork instagram account.  I was avoiding instagram like a plague ridden countryside, but I found these pictures fun and full of smiles and decided that was the best output for them.

I like having things to do... Reading.. Writing.. making videos.. creating art.. pictures.. and I try to use all for the Kingdom of God.  You may now be wondering how such a statement goes with the rest of the story.  

Not that it has been a huge success or anything of the sort but my friends and I have already gained much enjoyment from the Instagram account.  The Lord has even guided me in ways I can be sure to lift Him up through it.  Sometimes it is hard to 'force' God into our lives, but if we can remember He is a part of it.. always, then God will shine through anyway.  

He may not be the most 'flashy' thing, or even the most 'Super', but all in all.. He is the most important - so always be sure to promote.. uplift.. and point others to Him in all you do! 

Because when God sits in the proper throne of your life... He truly is the most flashy and Super thing you will ever need!

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