Friday, July 5, 2013

What Savy taught on tonight ... if you missed out (UNEILED, 07/05/13)

2 Kings 7
Lesson taught by Savy, notes taken by dErK
We hear of a blessing to come, but one man is only to see it.. but not partake of it
Lepers.. may have it the worst.. but seem to have optimistic point of views. sort of


this kind of worked out for them

To 'limit' God saying that 'even if' something amazing happens.. it cannot happen.. 

Do we really think that God can do the impossible.. is a small prayer... like praying to a small God? .. 

interesting thought chunks there


While they were 'in' their good news they went to tell others about it.. NOW is the time of Good News.. Gospel.. we MUST tell others about Jesus!! 


again .. not believing in goodness.. (Debbie Downer) 

Have you been through a hard time.. or even just been in a moment where something is 'just too good to be true'? 

It can make doubt easier in the situation

If you can see the world in a viewpoint of looking to God.. in all situations.. then you can have faith and respond properly.. instead of just reacting

Being a believer is not 'what' you are it is 'who' you are

Need need encouragment

Romans 8 : 5 - set your mind on the spirit and not the flesh

Peace can be found.. but it is not in a place.. it is not in a certain circumstance.. it is in Christ.. we must trust in Him.. we must live in Him.. and not in the situations that we deal with..


The promise comes to pass as was prophesied at the start of this.. those that gained the goods trampled the one that doubted

God fulfills His promises

Hebrews 10:23 

Do we live like God is faithful, if not how can you life that way?

Psalm 31:24

Psalm 33:22


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