Friday, August 23, 2013

What Jeremy taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED, 08/23/13)

2 Kings 12

Lesson taught by Jeremy, Notes taken by dErK
Joash ...  it seems that even the kings that were following God.. never really did all that was needed to 'fix' the wrongs... seeming to always leave the altars.. and idols of other gods..

while He (Joash) turned himself around he did not help to properly have those under him following God properly


it took him ... 23 years to check on the construction of the temple... what?  

Surprise .. it has not been done.. 

He had a plan... but pretty much just put it into the hands of the priests

The priests... pretty much did not do what they were suppose to be doing

What good are intentions?

What good is unfinished work?

He may have been following God.. but his drive was lacking


The ball is now rolling... the money is actually being put to good use by doing exactly what is needed in the temple.

They DID not even need to keep track of the money because of the honesty of the money


There are many things that happen here.. but we don't really have a bunch to go on for 'whys'

Joash may have been taken out because the root of evil.. (idols and worshiping other gods) was still is the land.. 

You can do will... you can follow God, but if you do not ensure that those under you accountable ... then you may find yourself taken out much like Joash
Is there anyone in your life that you are responsible for that you may be failing in some way?

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