Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Play Ball! (Blurb)

Over the last year or so I have been telling you about our family's trek into softball. This past weekend we had our first experience of what is called 'travel ball'. It was a special case where Ky's fall ball team was able to play in a tournament over the weekend.

The girls did a wonderful job going up against teams who have been playing together for a good while! Even while losing each time, the girls improved and gained an otherwise never expedienced atmosphere.

While I am not very competitive I did enjoy watching them play and I honestly believe me being thrown into a coaching role last season gave me a much better perspective than I would have without it.

My daughter has shown a raw talent my wife and I honestly were not expecting and if she wants to could go quite far in the sport.

Last week a play she made blew me away.

Our girls were in the field, the pitch was thrown and it was a HARD hit towards third. I actually commented on the speed of the hit. I looked back into the outfield but could not find the ball, until I saw it flying towards the first baseman.

The player at first caught it and the runner was out!

Sweet! awesome!  We all clapped and I THEN realized.... It was MY daughter at third!

As much as I have believed she was good, this moment was the one which solidified it for me. 

I am excited about the continuation of this season and her moving up into more and more challenging aspects of the game.

Wish us all luck! 

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