Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's your team? Part 2 (Blurb)

So... What is your team?

Why is it 'your' team?

Did you play on it?

Did you attend the school?

Did you hear about a win on the radio?

Did your parents like the team and you went along for the ride?

Did your parents hate the team and this was your one real chance at rebellion?

Whatever your reason it seems to not take long here for fans to grab ownership and make it a very serious part of their lives.

I picked comics years ago and over the past few months found many people like them but pretty much keep it under wraps until a movie comes out.

I know when I was growing up I found out my parents were NASCAR fans.  What did I do?  The same thing they did - I picked a driver who would be my favorite. 

Who did I pick? 

Bill Elliot


Because he was the guy in the NASCAR Nintendo game we had at home. (such a thing meant he was good... right?)

It did not stay such a way for very long.

Who did I change it to? 

Mark Martin


Because when we were on a long trip once, he won the race we were listening to. (Winning once means you win all the time... right?)

Picking 'your team' or 'your favorite' can be an interesting and maturing experience, and I have seen my daughter go through two stages, as well as show some very admirable qualities. 

My wife is an Alabama fan and Kyley was, in a way, trained to be one herself.  Over time as she learned about both teams and friends with other views she decided to jump the crimson tide ship and hold fast to the   war eagles. 

What is it I found admirable?

Yesterday she watched the Alabama game and called it 'her' team, and cheered for them the entire time.  

I was proud.  Having a good attitude about this small thing, shows a wonderful possible attitude she can have in larger things.  

So many have such a 'LOVE one team, HATE all others' attitude; it really just makes hearing about the games no fun at all and may be a large reason as to why I never really 'picked a team'.

I always hope my daughter can show such maturity, and good sportsmanship in her life.

Why do you do the things you do? 

Why do you believe what you do?

Every really think about it... maybe now is a good time!

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