Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Right Place, Right Time, and COMICS (Blurb)

This past Saturday I took another one of my classes for certification in the Assemblies of God. Relationships and Ethics in ministry... This one really kicked me in the rear and I will elaborate on our more in a post I have planned for Congruent Culture.

The class went a bit longer than they normally do, which may have been pay back for the class before which lasted a surprisingly short time, but was obviously perfect timing as it caused an interesting chain reaction.

1. We got out later:

This made me not be able to get back until Montgomery to meet my wife and kids for lunch which honestly would have been delightful to experience.

2. I had to eat on my own:

This caused me to take moment to look around the area to choose what I wanted, which caused me to notice an antique/flea market I also decided to enter.

3. I found a place of dusty gold:

I have been in the market for all the comics from "The Death and Life of Superman" and this includes, of course, the death.. The additional 'placeholders' who came to 'fill his shoes' and as well the actual return.

This full set is around 40 comics and I am as of now lacking 11, which is pretty good except for the fact I have pretty much exhausted the local sources.

Meanwhile I have entered this store and begun to scan the place for any telltale signs of comics.

Luckily it did not take me long to find some piled on a table. (I still needed to eat lunch and had home)  The top comic... A Superman Vol.2 #78...which I check my list in my Evernote to find I already own it.

As I am setting my phone back down I hear a voice behind me, "Oh, all those comics... I am going to be lowering prices on them today."

I am thinking Cool! What luck!

I look through the stacks, finding a few from the arc, but all ones I already own. As I finish the last few the lady who apparently runs this booth points out the new stack of comics she is adding, and I decide to simplify this by asking if there are any Superman ones.

She goes through them and finds one, but not from my small market of needs. She explains how she used to own a sports cards and comics store in the past with her ex husband.  When they divorced they split the stores wares and now she has a room full of stuff from this store.  Then... she blows me away by asking, "What do you need?" and pulls out a pen and paper.

I begin to rattle off the list and she takes down every comic I am looking for and promises to look through the room full of stuff from her past to see if she has them.

Is it possible I could end up with a good chunk of what I am looking for just by this chance meeting almost an hour from home?

I am not sure, but I will let you know what comes of it.

There are a good few instances in the bible having to do with people just being right where they needed to be at just the right moment.

Could this moment for me be the same?

If so, I either failed because I never proclaimed Jesus or I better keep my eyes open for the moments God wants me to speak on His behalf...these chance moments are for His glory, even if comics are involved.

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