Friday, October 4, 2013

What Jeremy taught on tonight ... If you missed out! (UNVEILED 10-04-13)

Lesson taught by Jeremy, notes taken by dErK

2 Kings 15


Start with kings of Judah - The high places were still not taken down... and there were many sacrifices made to other Gods

Gets leprosy .. not a good thing to have


Zechariah rules Israel


Shallum rules (killed Zechariah)


 Menahem rules.. and is a thief.. and his son actually succeeded him 


  Pekahiah rules (Menahem's son) - he ends up being assasinated..

People are doing evil.. and then being repaid with evil


Pekah - did evil in the sight of the Lord and while it took longer.. he was assassinated, and had about half of his kingdom ransacked


Evil fathers led to evil sons

This shows influence of the parent to a child - this is not unique.. it happens over and over.. 

Evil deeds... lead to evil coming back on you

 How do you think your parents may have influenced you?

Are there things you think should be changed in you which may have come from your parents influence?



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