Friday, October 11, 2013

What Abi taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED 10-11-13)

 Lesson taught by Abi, notes taken by dErK

2 Kings 16
Ahaz a cheezburger
 Ahaz forgot about God.. and added high places.. all over the place?

Rezin and Pekah (chew) 
They wanted to take out Ahaz
Isiah 7 - Ahaz had three different prophets talking to him about what he should be doing.. and just continually rejected them.. In this chapter Isiah tells him how the bad things would not happen.. even gives him a chance to put God to the test.. but .. really.. he likely just did not want the answer.. 
God has offered his services.. 
2 Kings 16:7-9
Ahaz sends messages  and goes to an enemy to protect himself from another enemy 

Judah was not necessarily defeated.. but had many losses

Those that attacked were forced to 'give back' those they took.. interesting

To prove to his enemy that he was going to be good for him.. he steals from the house of God.. 

He just has no 'fear of God' .. wow


Ahaz went to Damascus and observes the temple and altar.. and has one built there too 


Immediately he offered sacrificed on the new altar when he returned home... and made it the 'special' altar.. putting the other altar as a... 'as needed' basis.

He has now basically made it impossible for anyone to worship in the temple... He cut off access to God in many ways


He was not even buried with his family.. a dishonorable king..


No matter how many examples we have in our lives.. we still have to make our own choices

No matter how much you are into spiritual things.. it may not put you in the right place. 

Have you ever had bad examples and made right choices?

Have you ever had good examples and made wrong choices?


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