Friday, October 18, 2013

What Will taught on tonight ... if you missed out (UNVEILED 10-18-13)

Lesson taught by Will, notes taken by dErK

2 Kings 17


Ahaz is the king of Judah .. Hoshea is the king of Israel 

'Shally' was the king of Assyria and So was in Egypt


Heshea is in prison


the king of Assyia was at war.. and takes over Israel


Again.. we have high places


God tried.. God warned.. but the people did not listen.. they were stubborn and did so very many things they were not suppose to.  

of course.. this angered God

What do we get caught up in.. that is actually quite meaningless?

Video Games, Television, Facebook, 'Busy', Looks, Fashion, Pride, The Service that we do,

Much like Ecclesiastes  - 'Chasing of the wind'

What is meaningful?

God/Jesus.. if YOU have them in the right place.. then everything will be meaningful


Israel got kicked out

we see Assyria is going to settle Israel


They had No Fear of God.. but.. God has a way of putting the fear into us.. 
Lions.. that'll do it


Earlier.. we saw how God tried to get the attention of Israel... now .. God got the attention of the people. .but decided to do what they wanted as well

God was prelavent.. maybe not in the way people wanted.. but .. He was with them..

whether we do right.. or wrong.. God is with us.. and can.. guide us.. if we choose to follow Him instead of ourselves.


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