Friday, November 1, 2013

What Charles taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED, 11-01-13)

Lesson taught by Charles, Notes taken by dErK
2 Kings 18


In this .. he was compared directly to David.. so.. in that way.. we can see how good he was 




He was better than so many kings.. those before those after.. very impressive

Even the things that were once holy he got rid of because of the way it was being used for bad

Is there anything in your life was something good, but now it has taken more of a place in your life than God?

Would you consider breaking down what your father may have done.. that were against God.. bad.. or good?


These people did not really listen to what was to be done

At this time that Judah is being cleaned up.. Israel was falling apart


Hezekiah admitted a wrongdoing .. and payed a 'ransom' so to speak..

Actually .. he fixed up this temple.. and pulled it off to save his people.. so.. is it possible he was sure to have it be returned in a better time?


Hezekiah asked to meet.. and sent advisers

Historical standing.. He just paid a ransom to stop attacks, but yet an army was sent - not so cool


The general (high ranking person of the King) intimidates Judah.. even as far as blasphemy

He mocks the trust of Hezekiah ... breaks down Egypt .. breaks down God.. and claims He even sent them


The plan was to intimate the people..from the 'get go'

By speaking in the native language.. they were breaking a custom of the times.. 

this just seems like a bad move.. in so many ways.. 


We see.. a common theme... "do not listen to Hezekiah"
They want the people to give up.. and just accept a defeat.. to believe it was better for them
The people of Judah followed the command of their king and did not answer - which was certainly the best way to do so


This is just like the enemy to try and take you down.. he uses all kinds of lies to take you down.. to breaking you down.. making you want to give up

Is there any point in your life this kind of thing has happened to you?
Someone? Something? 
maybe something trying to come between you and God!


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