Wednesday, April 9, 2014

If you have liked pages on Facebook, you need to do this!

Facebook has created a wonderful platform to interact and follow along with your friends via a constantly updating wall feed. There is a HUGE problem with this feed though. Your feed is being filtered by Facebook, based on a few factors. One of which is your interaction with posts from friends and more importantly with pages. If you do not like or comment on posts from others, you might be seeing those people and page disappearing from your feed. 
Rather than having to schedule and making sure you have liked enough posts from a group or a friend to keep them on your feed there is a better answer, but it involves work on your part. 
You will need to create "Interest Lists" 
 If you are a twitter user these are not new to you, but instead of needing them to actually see the posts - they are used to cut down on content. Twitter has this built in for the user's convenience. I am not truly certain of Facebook's motives, though it is likely ad sales.

You can create an "Interest List" a few different ways. 

On the left side of your Facebook main page you will find a list of items. At the bottom of the list is one titled "Interests". What you want to do is Hover your mouse to the right of this word and a link will pop up titled "More". Click this link.

This window will open and you will see a list of the "Interests" already created for you. You can use these, or create your own by clicking "Add Interests".

This window will then open. You can select within to add Pages, Friends, and people you are following to the new list you are creating.

You can also see categories where you can search for common page items to add to your interest list as well.

Click next and then choose a name for this list as well as the privacy setting for the list.

You may not want to add pages to the list immediately, and will need to do it later. You can do this by entering the list you have created (It should be at the bottom of the list on your Facebook feed on the left)

When you have the list open you will see a "Manage List" to the right. Click on this and select the "Edit List" choice in the drop down menu.

This window pictured on the left will open and you can choose between pages, friends, and follows at location 1. You can use the search function at location 2. Then in the box in the middle all you have to do is click on the pages and friends you wish to add to the list. When the box is surrounded by blue and has the check mark on the bottom right, it is selected.

When you are finished... click finish (Location 3)

You will likely want to be able to access these interest feeds easily, and to do that you will need to add them to your favorites. Again direct yourself to the Interests section on the bottom left of the page and click on the "More" link.

You can then click on the tiny pencil to the right and choose "Add to Favorites". Your list will now be in the top part of the list on your standard Facebook. (pictured to left)

You also may find that you want to add a page, friend, or follow while you are actually on those pages. (I find this comes up most when you are first liking the page and want to be sure it is on the Interest list)

Direct yourself to the page you would like to add to the list. You can do it from either the 'like' or the gear dropdown list.

This is what it looks like in the 'liked' drop down box

This is what it looks like in the "Gear" drop down box
In the photo below this, you will see after selecting "Add to Interest Lists..." you get to choose which list you want to have the page added to.
Once you have added pages to your interests you will have to check these lists in order to be certain you see posts from all the pages you would like.
This may not be a perfect fix, but I have found I am seeing much more than I used to. You will also find your main feed change as you interact with these pages that may have disappeared. 
Let me know how this works for you, and as well if you have tips to add.

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