Friday, March 21, 2014

NEW changes coming to the Magic 4 Christ channel on Youtube!

Ever since I did the big concert/get together last year I wanted to go a bit bigger and, hopefully, a bit better.

I decided to team up with any music artist willing to be on the channel and share with you all some music and magic! 

Right now I have two artists already filmed and ready for editing. Seeker and Servant, whom I found music for on Noisetrade and wrote a review for on C|C.  The other is my good friend, Tim Griffin, who actually played the event last year. He let me film all the songs he did at the event and those will all be in the videos. 

It should be a fun experience and in the end - all for a great cause.

If you are a music artist willing to contribute, please contact me to work something out! Thanks.

Info page for CEF Military Children's Ministry

Donate page for CEF (watch the video for the walk through on how to donate)


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